About Us

At Fig & Cactus we are constantly building our collection of colourful, traditional Turkish homeware. We are proud to showcase the beautiful traditional crafts of our Anatolian homeland.

Having grown up in Turkey (and helped pick cotton on my grandfather's farm) we know first hand the importance of supporting local artisans, and building sustainable practices that ensure good working conditions and protect the planet. 

We started our small family-run independent business after moving from Turkey to London, when we began collecting traditional handcrafts and bringing them back to brighten up our home. Friends and family loved gifts of colourful woven cotton blankets and throws, sourced from the heart of the Anatolian Plateau. It was a natural next step to share these beautiful items with the world.

We are on Instagram if you would like to see behind the scenes shots of our new product ranges @figandcactusdesigns. Thank you for your support!